Lip Lift

What Is Lip lift?

The Lip lift process can be applied in healthy people by numbing them with local anesthesia, that is, a needle, or accompanied by a mild sedative called sedation. Lip lift is completed in approximately 45 minutes.

After lip lift, the patient is kept under observation for 1-2 hours and then can go home. During the application, incisions can be made from the skin between the nose and lip to coincide with the folds located just under the nose.

At this stage, the patient’s desired amount of skin is removed and re-stitched so that minimal scarring remains. After the lip lifting procedure, a feeling of swelling and tightness can be felt for 3 days. Consuming soft foods at this stage and paying attention not to stretch the area will speed up the healing process.

In addition, a slight discomfort may occur in the area when laughing or talking for about 2 weeks.

But there is no serious pain. The stitches heal in a week. But slight redness in the area where the wound is located will disappear completely after 1-2 months.

How to Apply Lip lift?

Thanks to the lip lift method, the upper lip will get a thicker and fuller appearance. In addition, a more natural result can be achieved compared to other applications.

In this process, it is aimed to remove the lip that has started to sag over time. In general, the skin of the upper lip, that is, the distance between the nose and lip, should be an ideal length.

This ideal length is generally 11-15 mm. People who are longer than the ideal ratio of this length and have thin upper lips are the most suitable people for lip lifting application.

This area may have a long structure at birth, or in people who have undergone rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose may start to look longer because it rises in the air.

In addition, as in every region as you age, sagging may occur on the upper lip. Lip removal is a good and permanent solution to such aesthetic problems.

Is Lip Lifting Permanent?

Lip lift is a permanent procedure. It does not need to be repeated. It is very advantageous compared to other lip procedures. In this application, the upper lip skin reaches the ideal size.

The upper lip naturally thickens and turns upward. In the upper teeth, there is a pleasant appearance in normal posture and smile. In addition, wrinkles in the upper lip skin are also reduced.

Lip lift procedure can be performed under both local and general anesthesia. Therefore, anyone in good health is a suitable candidate for lip lifting. Generally, this application is preferred in patients with long skin above the upper lip.

Male and female patients can apply for this procedure and get the look they desire practically. The surgery does not have any age limit.

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