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What is Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty)? How Is Profile Surgery Performed?

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Most of the people who want to have a rhinoplasty surgery complain that their nose is bad. These complaints can be eliminated with rhinoplasty surgery, but a good profile view is not only due to the nose.

The beautiful appearance of the forehead, nose, chin and neck and the proportionality of these structures are necessary for a good profile, and Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty) includes this.

When we show those, who apply for rhinoplasty surgery; the problems and disproportion in these structures, we see that most people did not pay enough attention to these structures before.

In addition to rhinoplasty surgery, we can achieve much better profile results with small interventions to the forehead, chin, and neck when necessary. Since people apply for rhinoplasty, they are distant to these interventions.

However, these interventions, which can be performed together with rhinoplasty surgery, do not put a huge burden on the patient in terms of scarring, additional pain, postoperative recovery time and difficulty, and in terms of profile, it makes the result that can only be achieved with rhinoplasty even more beautiful.

About Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty)

Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty), as its name can be understood, is a surgical procedure that means profile aesthetics. Profile surgery aims to eliminate the defects that the individual thinks to be in view of the profile.

Today, surgery methods can be applied quite practically and easily with the development of technology. The most common plastic surgery performed is rhinoplasty surgery. The reason why rhinoplasty surgery is quite common, especially in Turkey, is the problems of inability to breathe.

In order to breathe comfortably, with the Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty) intervention in the airway, deformities in the external appearance are also eliminated. The structure of the nose; directly affects the beauty of the profile. A person’s long, drooping, or arched nose structure can lead to various aesthetic problems in general.

The applied rhinoplasty procedure will also positively affect the profile. But in various cases, only rhinoplasty may not be enough. Changes may be required in other areas of the face along with the nose.

In general, aesthetic planning of patients should be done with a detailed analysis by evaluating the compatibility and ratio of all facial and neck structures to each other. Instead of correcting a single area with Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty), solutions approaching the ideal ratio will be healthier, considering the proportion of the nose with the chin, lips, cheeks, forehead and eyebrows, for example, in the case of nose surgery.

How is Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty) Performed?

Profile Surgery (Profiloplasty) operations are procedures that cover one or more of various plastic surgery operations, and in some cases all, according to the needs of the person. Generally, all operations can be completed in the same session.

Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Due to congenital aesthetic problems or problems that occur because of an accident, the nose structure can have a much different shape than normal. This situation can cause both the organ to work more unhealthy than normal and visually disturbing.

Rhinoplasty is defined as a set of operations that will eliminate all these problems. Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is one of the most successful methods preferred in nose surgeries and it is often described as a normal situation.

Chin Surgery – Mentoplasty

Operation: According to statistics, approximately 25 percent of nose surgeries should be performed together with chin enlargement surgeries. For this, implants made of special materials are inserted through the mouth. Or the person’s own tissue is injected. This texture is obtained from areas such as abdomen and hips.

Forehead and Cheekbones

Forehead and cheekbones surgery is applied with a suitable type of filler for the area to be enlarged. The cheeks are inserted through the mouth and then the implant can be placed. In various procedures, the implant is sewn on the cheekbones. Extremely natural results can be obtained with tissue injections.


The face is one of the most important factors in our communication with people, in our perception of ourselves and the world, in expressing ourselves. If the asymmetries, dissatisfaction on the face disturb the person psychologically or functionally, improving them will provide happiness and self-confidence to the person.

Profiloplasty is one of the procedures applied to achieve this happiness. In profiloplasty, procedures are applied to ensure that all details of the face such as nose, chin, lips, and forehead are compatible with each other. A detailed examination is required for the application of the profiloplasty operation.

After determining the patient’s facial structure and asymmetric areas; nose, chin, lips, forehead, or cheekbones are repaired. Prophiloplasty should be treated according to the golden ratio. Therefore, it should only be done by experts in this field.

What is Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is a plastic surgery operation that provides facial harmony to reach the golden ratio. Various plastic surgery operations that ensure the harmony of the facial structure are applied within the scope of profiloplasty at one time, in harmony.

It is ensured that regions such as chin, lips, cheeks, forehead, and eyebrows are compatible with each other. Thanks to the correct procedures to repair the asymmetry in the face, the structure of the face provides the perception of beauty.

To make the whole face look beautiful all elements such as nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead must be harmonious and balanced. Thanks to the development of technology, it is also possible to show how one can change the asymmetries on the face by making small touches.

Symmetric analysis of the face can be easily performed with the help of developing computer technologies. However, profiloplasty is a procedure that requires not only expertise but also experience and vision. Therefore, it is important to select the surgeon who will apply the profiloplasty operation carefully.

When Is Profiloplasty Necessary?

The fact that the Triangle of the forehead, nose and chin is close to each other at the rate of one-third supports the fact that the face corresponds to the Golden Ratio.

Especially if there are serious deviations at this rate, the need for profiloplasty may arise. However, it should be decided by a doctor’s examination that this procedure is necessary.

What Procedures Are Performed Within the Scope of Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is a combined operation process. Different procedures may need to be applied within the scope of the surgery. In some cases, it may be necessary to lengthen the chin tip or reconstruct the cheekbones with nose surgery.

The content of the profiloplasty procedure is decided according to the facial structure and characteristics of the patient. In general, the procedures that can be applied in profiloplasty:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)
  • Filling
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift
  • Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  • Forehead and Cheekbones Surgery

Who Can Get Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is not applied to every patient who feels dissonance on their face. A surgeon should examine and diagnose the incompatibility.

In profiloplasty surgeries, it is not aimed to change the face of the patient completely or to be a completely different person. Natural and harmonious touches are made to have the patient’s facial features in proportion.

It is aimed to shape the nose, chin, and forehead structure in harmony. The patient must be over 18 years old. If the patient has health problems that may prevent surgery, the operation is not applied.

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