Painless Rhinoplasty Surgery

Painless Rhinoplasty Surgery

In recent years, we experience very little pain in our nose surgeries. An important factor for painless rhinoplasty is that the person prepares himself for this operation, discusses the problems he may face with his doctor, eliminating all his worries.

Thanks to the anesthesia technique that we applied in surgery, the local anesthetic drugs that we performed, and the technique of working with minimal trauma, we can now perform less painful operations. Our patients only use mild painkillers on the day of surgery and the next day to prevent mild pain from occurring. In the following days, these medications are usually not needed.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most carefully performed surgeries among plastic surgeries. In this operation, which requires experience, expertise and care, even small asymmetries can lead to serious problems due to the fact that the nose is right in the middle of the face.

Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for the nose, which has a vital function such as breathing, such problems should be corrected. For rhinoplasty operations, there are many methods. The most common of these methods today is painless rhinoplasty surgery.

Examination Before Painless Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose surgery does not mean” nose reduction surgery”. First, it should be noted that it is necessary to work with someone who is an expert in this field. A surgery should be performed on the person’s face that will stand most harmonious and natural, eliminating problems related to breathing and aesthetics. The procedures to be performed in nose surgeries vary from person to person.

Therefore, before painless rhinoplasty surgery, it is very important to determine how the nose will be most suitable for the person’s face. The patient should accurately tell their expectations, while the doctor should fully tell the patient about the interventions that will be performed and the results that can be expected.

Rhinoplasty can be applied with quite different methods today. The most ideal method of rhinoplasty for a person should be determined. But the most important element to know; today, almost no rhinoplasty procedure causes serious pain or problems.

Thanks to the development of technology and advanced surgical methods, recovery is achieved in a short time and the risk of problems such as bruising, pain is reduced.

A Successful Painless Rhinoplasty Surgery

First, to perform a successful painless rhinoplasty operation, it is necessary to plan the most appropriate and most compatible nose on the person’s face.

During the operation, needs such as shrinking or enlarging the nose should be planned and in a healthy way by analyzing it. Breathing problems and aesthetic problems should be carefully analyzed and understood at this stage.

In addition, it should be noted that the priority element is a functional nose that can breathe healthy. While the nose is shaped aesthetically, the breathing function must be maintained.

For patients experiencing nasal congestion, treating this complaint with functional interventions is essential for successful nose surgery.

In painless nose surgeries, there is a short recovery without tampons. Although the healing process can vary from person to person in general, compared to other types of surgery, there will be recovery in a fairly short time.

During nose surgery, the surgeon should not cause much damage to the tissues and, making sure that the bleeding is minimal work sensitively. In this way, it ensures that the patient’s swelling and bruises remain at minimum levels. If bruises have formed, they usually pass in 4-5 days; the plastic bandage placed on the nose is removed on the 7th day.

Patients can easily return to their work and social life within 8-9 days. In general, there are no complaints of pain after surgery. In such cases, the condition can be controlled with simple painkillers.

After operations that do not have a tampon in the nose, patients do not experience significant nasal congestion even immediately after the operation.

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