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Cosmetic Jaw Surgery and Ideal Profile View

People think that their nose looks are important to have a beautiful profile appearance. This opinion is generally correct. However, the ideal profile view is not obtained when there is no forehead and chin appearance compatible with the nose.

This situation surprises our patients when we show the deformations in their jaws while we make computer-aided analysis to our patients who are considering surgery for nasal aesthetics.

What is Cosmetic Jaw Surgery?

Having the chin back in profile view makes the nose bigger and more prominent. In cases where people are advised to straighten their jaws, a shyness occurs in patients.

In fact, interventions to improve the jaw tip are effortless in terms of pain and scarring, and the results are very satisfactory. In cases where the chin is behind, the problem can be solved with materials placed at the tip of the chin through 2-3 cm incisions made from inside the mouth or just under the chin.

The current method used in cosmetic jaw surgery applications is to place expanders made of silicone in this area. In this technique, prostheses that are prepared in the desired size and do not cause harmful effects on the tissue are placed in the pocket opened at the tip of the jaw without displacement. The advantage of the technique is that when the patient is not satisfied with the application, it can be easily removed even under local anesthesia if desired.

After the operation, a swelling that lasts 4-5 days occurs in this area, if the incision is made under the chin, the stitches are removed on the 7th day. If desired during the surgery, liposuction can be applied to the fat deposits under the chin. Even banding on the neck can be corrected. Post-operative problems such as pain and swelling are less and most of the patients are satisfied with the result.

How Is Cosmetic Jaw Surgery Applied?

The chin is a very important detail that is in the middle line of the face, just like the nose, creating symmetry and harmony of the face. Due to being in the middle; It is very important that the face is compatible with other structures.

A smaller jaw structure than it will prevent the structures of the face from looking harmonious and will lead to an aesthetically inadequate appearance.

A small chin can make the face look bigger and taller than it is. There are also situations such as a curved jaw or a jaw larger than it should be. Especially in men, jaw structure; it is more important than women.

Generally, male patients have more applications for cosmetic jaw surgeries, which is the most important in masculine appearance. For women, an ideal length of chin is featured to provide an ideal triangular and pointed face. For cosmetic jaw surgeries, chin and face proportions should be analyzed first.

Together with the patient, the surgeon decides on the jaw shape that will be in harmony with the facial features and best suit the patient’s face. The correct size of the chin will show all the facial features, especially the nose, more flawlessly.

Not just for aesthetic reasons, If the patient has a bite problem due to the curved jaw structure; Many oral and general health problems such as sleeping with mouth open at night, dry mouth, bad breath, gum diseases may occur.


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